Mesa Artificial Intelligence Camera

MAC leverages advanced detection technologies, high resolution images and high definition video to accurately monitor all vehicles, pedestrians and objects in the vicinity of the camera, classify behaviors as to risks, violators or objects of interest and perform defined actions.

Artificial Intelligence

Capturing and analyzing large amounts of data to make real time decisions in traffic management, parking, and pedestrian challenges for transportation agencies, law enforcement and city leadership.

Edge Processing

Processing dala collected at the camera to make real-time decisions while reducing latency, network dependency, and increasing security.

Smart Cities

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT), and edge processing are powering the smart cities of the future. MAC is a complete solution to drive many applications critical in the effective operation of a smart city.

Installation & Specs

The MAC Solution was built on the idea that technology should make things easier. This includes installation. The system uses power over ethernet and all three cameras have full pan tilt zoom capability and remote configuration management. Simply attach it to a pole, provide power and communications complete the setup remotely.

Number of cameras:

maximum of 6

Video format:


Image capture rate:

30 FPS


white light and infrared


Nvidia Jetson TX2 or Xavier AI


computer vision, tracking radar, lidar options


8.3 MP

Max lanes monitored:


Signal detection:

wired or non-invasive computer vision

Enforcement Functions

Red Light
Dedicated Lanes
Rail Crossing
School Bus Stop Arm
Illegal Turns
Over Height Trucks